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Distribution Wholesale

Last Mile Logistics handles wholesale shipments for product manufacturers in North America. Our vast network of more than 1000 approved distribution vendors that specialize in regional and national distribution services can help you get your products into large markets. Companies can take advantage of our resources, including our warehouses, distribution centers, and trucks, rather than having to do everything on their own.

Last Mile Logistics can ship directly to retailers as well as to customers in cases of drop shipping. More than anything else; Last Mile Logistics is a common-sense solution that is a must-have for retailers. Contact Last Mile Logistics today to learn how we can help you increase your sales.

We Provide a Variety of Distribution Options

Last Mile Logistics works directly with the manufacturers of the products we distribute. Our logistics solutions are practical and affordable. We make sure your products get where they need to go, whether that’s to the store, directly to the customer, or both. We distribute throughout the United States and Canada, and no other wholesale distributor can get your products where they are going faster or safer than Last Mile Logistics will.

We Provide Drop shipping and We Work with Online Sellers

We understand that finding a wholesale distributor who not only offers drop shipping but also works with Internet retailers can be a logistics nightmare. For this reason, we provide wholesale distribution services to online retailers with the option of drop shipping as well. At Last Mile Logistics, we make our money by making money for our clients. Let us help you make more money.

Save Money and Earn More with Our Distribution Wholesale Services 

Without distribution wholesale services, many companies would not be able to flourish as they do and enjoy the substantial increases in income that our Last Mile Logistics provides. As a product manufacturer, your ability to make more sales depends partly on your channel of distribution. Of course, many manufacturers utilize direct distribution, but once your business reaches a moderate level of sales, it doesn’t make sense, and in many cases, it’s not possible to distribute directly to your customers anymore.

When your company surpasses this point, you can have peace of mind knowing that Last Mile Logistics has an established distribution network to help you reach more customers. Plus, by using our third-part distribution network, you will experience significantly reduced costs.

If you do it yourself, adding a new location to your distribution map can take up a lot of your precious resources. It’s more sensible, if only from a financial perspective, to utilize a wholesale distribution channel like ours. We can help you to extend your geographical reach faster.

Consider Last Mile Logistics a Logistics Solution

Whether you manufacture food, lumber, paper, printing, textiles, electronics, machinery, health and beauty, mail, or industrial supplies, or anything else that needs to get from Point A to Point B, Last Mile Logistics is your distribution wholesale solution. Contact us today to learn how our business can help your business.

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