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Buy Used Shipping Containers

Buying a shipping container may be what you need if you are looking for additional storage space on your property, or would love to have a small office workshop. At Pesa Container contractors, we make it easy to find high quality used storage containers for sale online without any stress by letting customers choose and pick their container size and type on our website. Here, we’ll walk you through the benefits of buying used shipping containers online.

  1. You Get What You See

 Buying a used shipping container online can be scary at times, but with us, what you see is what you get. You may get a shipping container that is in a different form and condition from what you ordered for. Some companies may hide the container defects from you by only displaying the good side in photos; that is not the case with us. 

  1. You Get A Better Price

 When searching for used shipping containers for sale, you will notice that some stores have higher pricing for the same type of used shipping container. This does not mean shipping container is better. At Pesa Container contractors, we pride ourselves on being transparent with our pricing. Our container prices and shipping fees are affordable, so you can be confident you are getting quality used shipping containers at a fair price.

  1. No Hidden Fee

When purchasing used shipping containers online, sometimes it not clear whether delivery fees are included or not. At Pesa Container contractors, we display the actual cost of our shipping containers for sale and let you know the delivery fees so you will not be surprised once you are ready to pay the  bill. While damage can happen during delivery, we ensure your container is protected.

  1. Excellent Customer Support 

Customer support should continue not only after you buy shipping containers online but through the entire process and delivery. While some problems do occur during shipment, a reputable company ensures customer support during the whole process. Having a quality company that provides continuous customer support is essential if the unit delivered is not what you ordered, was damaged, or has other issues. At Pesa Container contractors, we offer subpar customer support.

What Makes Pesa Container contractors Sales Different?

Pesa Container contractors sell used shipping containers providing containers that look just as good as new for an individual as well as business. Our containers range from 8ft to 40ft in length and come in a variety of colors, and types like one trip, open side/full side access, containerised office, anti-vandal office, and along with chassis in different lengths. You can be confident in finding one that is just right for your needs in our inventory. 

Ready to Shop?

Are you interested in getting used shipping containers online at a reasonable price, along with the best delivery terms? Pesa Container contractors save you money and time, enabling you to find the perfect deal. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the right used shipping container.





Buy Used Shipping Containers